The advantages of a flexible business model

If the last year has told us anything, flexibility in business is more important than ever and this is not only to work around family, but to adapt your services to new potential customers.

The Covid19 pandemic drove us all into lockdown and put a halt to so many businesses up and down the country. But one thing that shone through was business owners who were flexible models and could adapt to the changing environment.

Members of the Photography for Little People Franchise are independent business owners but with the backing of a head office team and other franchise members to support each other. With this support everyone was in the position of positivity with multiple ideas of adapting their services to make sure business was not affected.

As a foundation the Photography for Little People business is mobile, and overheads are minimal and as part of a franchise package all equipment and training is included. This gives everyone the opportunity to be creative and there are no limits.

Core business for franchise members is capturing beautiful moments for families to treasure forever and this was achievable in different variants during the pandemic. From Covid controlled sessions and distant shoots, to editing people’s photos and sharing professional photography tips to help people out. This is what a flexible and mobile business gives you.

“A great advantage of the business is the flexibility it offers. I love that I can organise my own hours to suit around my personal life. As I am expecting my first baby this year, I am not worried about my job, as I know that I can take the time I need when my little one arrives and can then easily schedule my work around my new bundle of joy.” Simona, East London and Essex

Photography for Little People is the UK's No.1 photography franchise that allows you to run your business from home, which is fun, flexible, and rewarding. Sharing knowledge and experience, we work together to help build a professional, creative, and profitable business with you.