Take a look behind the scenes of baby photography training

When signing up to become part from the Photography for Little People franchise team the biggest advantage to the amazing package is the week-long training course at our head studio in Durham.

The 5-day course is very intense but it’s get you hands on from the start. The best way of learning is by doing, no classroom work here… very practical.

On Day 1 of the training we welcome you in to the family. Getting to know all the other franchisees, how we all work and communicate with each other. A big part of the Photography for Little People franchise is team work. We then dive in and look at all the equipment and the high-end camera. Familiarising yourself with your tools. We then start straight away taking beautiful images of newborn babies. How to get the perfect image.

Day 2 we look at the setting up and lighting. Creating the right environment for the perfect photo following on to another session of shooting a newborn in different positons safely.

Day 3 you are getting in the swing of things and we up the training with 4 sitter and toddler model shoots along with practising your own lightening and planning shoot times with clients.

Day 4 we look at practical impression training with 5 models. Then in the afternoon we look at framing the impressions.

Day 5 we start to round up to the training with a review session, looking at designing your samples together, image transfers and then planning the next few weeks of business and set marketing tasks.

Training overall is very practical and intense but we work closely together throughout the training week and beyond. After the training if you want to recap on anything you will find everything in the Photography for Little People manual for you to refer to following your initial training as well as have access to a secure forum for franchisees only and support available at all times from Head Office.