Our youngest franchisee isn’t stopping at one area

Simona Boycheva is the youngest franchisee at Photography for Little People across the UK. Simona started her baby photography business in 2013 soon after graduating from University of Greenwich. She quickly expanded on her business opportunity and now operates across two areas – London East and Essex.

Simona started like all new team members with a 5 day training course and everything she needed to make her business successful. Fuelled with excitement, passion and drive Simona is growing an amazing business for herself. Offering a studio service and a mobile photography studio to homes across London and Essex to make the experience much calmer for babies and new families. To push her business forward Simona took advantage and expanded on all the benefits handed to her as part of her franchise package.

“Amazing franchise benefits to expand and accelerate your business”

The best time for your newborn photo shoot is within the first 2 week of birth. At this age babies tend to be still ‘curled up’, sleepier and easier to pose. Simona always adopts a friendly yet professional approach to create a calm and joyful atmosphere around your little ones. Key to building relationships with customers. Simona Boycheva has been awarded photographer of the year, two years in a row (2015 and 2016) across the UK at Photography for Little People Franchise. Her passion and love for what she does clearly show in her work. Simona is a seeker of the simple, natural and beautiful. She always follows her heart to help your family celebrate the legacy that you are making. And Simona’s goal is to make those images be more and more valuable to you every year that passes.

Simona commented: “I want mummy and daddy to remember how they really felt when they first held their baby, I want them to remember that time, it’s easy to forget how tiny babies are when they are first born, that time goes by so quickly.”

“Excitement, passion and drive with Photography for Little People”

Besides being a family photographer, Simona also trained in taking impressions of little ones hands and feet. When coming on board with Photography for Little People Simona and any new team member learns this beautifully handcrafted service.

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