Growing male pride in the baby photography business

Over our 10 years of the baby photography franchise business we have seen an increase in men joining the team to start their new career move. Personalities bursting with passion, excitement and determination have drawn them to find out more about our business and what it in tales.

Our latest and newest team member is John from Leeds. John will be operating his new business in the Leeds and Bradford area including surrounding areas such as hipley, Wetherby, Tadcaster, Garforth, Ilkely, Otley, Skipton, Settle and Keighley.

John is a father of two and after very little sleep and these life changing and wonderful experiences as a father it has made him realise how important those first moments are with your newborn, and just how quickly they grow up.

From this he wanted to help people cherish these special memories and capture them so they can be enjoyed time and time again for years to come. To do this a photography business was a perfect platform to provide this for families.

Soon after John found the Photography for Little Franchise and signed up for his new career path. After a weeks long training in business and photography, John was ready to capture them moment with the support and backing of the full team and head office.

Fast forwarding a few months and John is flying, taking that passion, excitement and determination mixed with the PLP franchise business model, which John is following to a T and he is making massive strides in the right direction.

We caught up with John to ask him a few questions;

What was the highlight which drew you to the PLP franchise ?

I’d looked at other franchises prior to finding PLP, some of which were photography based but the thing that really attracted me to PLP was the high quality specialist service they offer, it’s not just your average run of the mill photography business. PLP offers the opportunity to create works that you can be proud of and brings people joy and happiness, this is what really appealed to me. I take pride in my work and I get a huge sense of achievement each time I deliver a new piece to a client.

Being male has this effected anything in this line of work ?

Admittedly I did have initial reservations about how I would be perceived, however I think it’s important and necessary in this day and age that preconceived gender stereotypes are challenged. You can see from my work that being male has no bearing on my ability or quality of work. Having previously worked in male dominated industries, this has been a great change of environment which I have embraced. I treat my clients babies and children as though they were my own, with love, care and respect; I think this is all that’s required whatever your background or gender.

How are you finding the business set up and proven model ?

One of the things that attracted me to PLP was the training, support and proven business system. The initial training i received was very good and there’s no way I would have been able to set up this business on my own without it. If you’re not experienced in business then it’s really helpful to have a system to use that takes you from marketing to finished product. The ongoing mentoring and support is also invaluable for a small business startup, learning from those who have already been there and done it saves so much time and allows me to focus on what works as opposed to figuring it out yourself.

What has feedback been like from customers after your first few months ?

Clients have been really appreciative of the mobile service we offer, it’s such a positive aspect of what we do and makes their lives so much easier. I’ve had a couple of clients that have been really blown away with their images and impressions, they’ve given me some great feedback which has been fantastic and given me a real boost. It goes to show that if you properly apply what you learn in training you can create some great images for people which they will treasure.

What is it like to run your own business and have that flexibility ?

Running your own business is totally different to working for someone else. For me I like the fact that I know exactly what’s going on and I’m not kept in the dark, or left to speculate about the future of the business. The flexibility is great and again it’s something that appealed to me; sometimes it may be necessary for me to work late in the evening or over a weekend (for example exhibiting) but then I have the flexibility to spend time during the week with my kids as well if I want to, it’s just a case of adapting your life and realising you don’t have to work 9-5 anymore.

Whats next for John and your baby photography business?

Right now i’m concentrating on building awareness in my local area and growing the business as it’s still early days for me, but long term I’d like to expand it within my existing area and possibly beyond.