Creating An Amazing Baby Bump Photo With Love & Emotion

At the Photography For Little People we don’t only concentrate on babies when it comes to training. Mums and families are also an important part of capturing the perfect image. When signing up to Photography for Little People Franchise package members receive first, an initial training course which is over 5 days covering photography, impressions and business set up. Over time additional training workshops in groups of three franchisees at a time are set up to make sure everything is understood and mastered.

Training is intense but very rewarding. A few hours is dedicated to mummy’s. Capturing the perfect bump shot. A typical training session would include angles, lightening, subject, positions, how to hold the camera, taking multiple shots of the same pose, how to talk to the client and children. The photographer needs to be in control to make sure the perfect image is created. Tips and tricks are also shared. May it be, making sure the mummy doesn’t have hair bobbles around wrists or to sharing the perfect camera holding angle at the optimum height. The key is emotion. Capturing emotion, happiness and love will create the best photo.

When training Photography For Little People always use amazing volunteers. Excited mums around 32 weeks have beautiful bumps and are perfect to capture photos filled with love. Our latest volunteer Charlene said “What an amazing experience spending a few hours with the Photography For Little People team. They made me feel so relaxed and worked with me to create some amazing photos. They were always asking me how I was, if i needed anything. Melanie was training and her relationship with her team was great, showing them all trick and tips to get that shot that would be make me go WOW. Thank you Melanie and Photography For Little People”.