Baby Safety: Number one priority

When a new member joins the Photography for little people franchise team the number one priority and training modular is baby safety. We proud ourselves on the lengths we go to make all photos look perfect but 100% safe. We all know here we having an amazing job working with newborn babies and it is such a privileged and special job.

We have specialised in newborn photography for over ten years now and Photo for little people are proud to be a member of BANPAS ( British association of newborn photography association ). “The Association promotes safe working practices and we are dedicated to ensuring your baby’s comfort and safety takes priority whilst our members create beautiful images for you to treasure.”

These are some of the rules the whole team follow when performing a newborn photo shoots.

  • Never leave a baby unattended in a prop, on your posing bag or with a young sibling.

  • Always have a spotter or parent next to your baby when using props.

  • Use a support hand or finger when posing the baby and clone it out later in post-production.

  • Don’t force a baby into any pose. Instead, adjust them to where they are comfortable.

  • Never stand on anything above the baby in case you fall or it breaks.

  • Never put a baby inside or on an object / prop that could potentially break or fall.

  • Glass props are never used.

We must stress how important it is to know that these images are created 100% safely and with the parent present and supporting.

Some being composite images that will require post production editing to put multiple images together. Composite images are the only way to really ensure the safety of the baby when doing poses like these. We train our team to work closely together with partners to assist during newborn photo shoot and always explain to them what’s involved with creating these set ups. If at any stage the baby becomes uncomfortable, we will move on to another pose, baby always comes first.