Frequently asked questions 

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Do I need previous experience? 

We will teach you to use the equipment that we use to get the same outstanding results that we get, that will sell at the prices we command. 

(This is all included in the franchise fee). 

Can anyone become a franchisee? 

Previous experience is not essential however we take every care to ensure that each franchisee is capable of maintaining our high standards, both in terms of quality products and the quality of care afforded to each and every client. 

Can I talk to another franchisee? 

Certainly. Once you have signed and returned a confidentiality agreement you can talk to other Photography for LIttle People franchisees to find out how they have found the experience of setting up and running their franchise. 

What extra expenses do I need to budget for in setting up my franchise? 

About £2,000 working capital.

How much time do I need to spend running my business? 

That is up to the individual franchisee. Franchisee earnings are largely dependent on individual efforts and determination, how many hours you put in and how much you want to earn. As you can see the rewards are great and more importantly you can arrange your diary around your family. 

How long does the Franchise Agreement last for? 

The Photography for Little People Franchise Agreement runs for 5 years. 

Is there a renewal fee? 

There will be no fee for renewing your Franchise Agreement after the five-year period. 

Whats next? 

If you are interested in finding out more, contact the team.

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